Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MLM Marketing Plan

What is a MLM Marketing Plan? And do you have a marketing plan for your network marketing business? I define one as a game-plan covering how you will market your business opportunity. I’ve found that the most successful network marketers have a marketing plan for their business. In other words, they have a strategy to reach their target market. They can create their own strategy through trial and error or copy a competitor’s strategy.
A good marketing plan must:
1) Identify your target market or ideal candidate
2) Provide lots of information about your ideal candidate, such as the books they read, where they hang out, how they spend their money, the products they buy and any other helpful information
3) Outline different ways to reach the target market, such as publications, newspapers, internet websites, etc.
4) A way to test the results
Once again, these are the four components of a good marketing plan, in my opinion. To get started, here’s what you can do. First and foremost, you must identify your target market. In the network marketing industry, your target market is people currently involved in network marketing, people formerly involved, or people actively looking to get involved in network marketing.
Now that you know your target market, you must study your “ideal candidate.” For instance, what questions do they have? What books do they read? What websites do they visit? Once you have this information, you can move to the next step.
Your next step in your marketing plan is to determine at least two different ways to reach your ideal candidate. For instance, you might want to consider online or offline. Two examples include advertising in a network marketing magazine and advertising on a high traffic network marketing site.
Your final task is to roll out your MLM Marketing Plan. I recommend you start with one strategy at a time and constantly measure your results. Continue to make small improvements and keep testing your results. Once you find something that works, you can roll out a major marketing campaign.
In conclusion, to succeed in network marketing, you need a MLM Marketing Plan. Your plan must identify your target market; it must give you helpful information about your target market and give you several different strategies to reach them. Finally, it must provide an effective way to measure your results.

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